5 Habits of Healthy People - How To Live Longer Part 1
5 Habits of Healthy People - How To Live Longer Part 1

5 Habits of Healthy People – How To Live Longer Part 1

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Hey guys in this blog you’re gonna learn the ten habits of a healthy. and long-lasting person now these habits have been through a whole bunch of books that I’ve read and articles that I’ve read and even studies that I’ve looked at reports from and these are habits of people who do live a very long life and are also quite healthy, so we’re gonna take a look at them and see if you can break them down and implement them into your own life so that you can be healthier and hopefully live longer.

  1. Move Around For At Least Thirty Minutes A Day

Now physical activity has all ¬†kinds of benefits from psychological to physiological to all kinds of even your friendships the quality of your friendships can increase just by moving around for 30 minutes a day because it increases the healthiness of the neurons in the brain. now I would suggest this 30 minutes of movement is a bare minimum and if that bare minimum is a struggle make it something that you enjoy doing, like playing a sport if you like lifting then go and lift if you like running then go and run if you like running do not go and lift if that’s not what’s going to motivate you to move around for 30 minutes a day.

  1. Have A Favorite Sport

Now personally I’m not much of a sports guy, but I do enjoy playing basketball with some friends and I think this helps a lot and moving around for 30 minutes a day in fact when I go out and play basketball with my friends I don’t even realize 30 minutes has passed it’s usually an hour or two hours and then the gyms closing and it’s like wow I did not realize I spent that much physical activity enjoying the time with my friends.

  1. Educate Themselves About The Food They Eat

Friends having number three is that they educate themselves about the food that they put in their body now this is something that a lot of people struggle with because there’s a lot of myths and bad information on the internet but what you can do is sort through it so just read as much as you can and you’ll kind of start to understand all right this is a myth I don’t need to believe this this is a bad article this website gives out horrible information. it’s just something that you do over time you just have to continually educate yourself about the food, about macronutrients, about calories. even technical stuff like how to build muscle on how to lose weight that stuff super important and being healthy habit.


Number four is that they have a meal plan. Now this isn’t something that I’ve really implemented in my life but I do kind of have a schedule and what it is is I have certain meals that I go through my day and I know these are healthy enough they don’t have any major carcinogens and if I eat them at throughout this time of the day but I generally feel great afterwards. So having a meal plan or at least a meal schedule is something that a lot of healthy people have in their life.

  1. SEX

Habit number five is sex now I know a lot of people might actually get offended about this but loving intimate sex is what this means not a fling or a weekend thing it’s just that loving intimate sex produces way more total beneficial hormones in your brain than a weekend fling does. and if you do weekend flings one-night stands every week, you can actually start to form an addiction and the dopamine quality in your brain will start to reduce and that can actually become a negative habit that you’ll have to get rid of later on. so try to form loving intimate relationships, and within those intimate relationships I have found that people that are super healthy and live a long time have sex quite often .