Best Formula for Supplementing Breast Milk

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It might be true that there are many mothers who choose to breastfeed their baby exclusively. Nevertheless, we can make sure that it is not the only option mother has for nursing the baby. There are many reasons why which make mother decides to supplement the breast milk with the formula. There is no need to debate about the right and wrong because everyone has their very own reason to make this decision. The most important thing is that once it is decided to give the formula to the baby, it must be the best one. There are some aspects to consider for determining the best formula for the baby as the breast milk supplement.

Age of the Baby

We can make sure that the age of the baby will be a very crucial aspect which must be considered when choosing the best formula as the breastfeeding supplement. Age means a lot for finding the right choice. It is important to remember that the baby basically is a sensitive creature. However, there are some babies that are more sensitive than other such as the premature baby for instance. There are also some babies that have the sensitive stomach so the specialized formula might be required. The specific formula will also be needed by the baby that has the acid reflux condition. It is important to put the baby’s need at the top priority when choosing the right formula.

Type of Formula

The next aspect which should be considered for finding the best formula choice is the type of formula. Parents should have a proper understanding of the available types of formula which can be found in the market. The main types offered include the powdered formula, premixed, as well as concentrated one. It is sure that many parents choose the powdered formula the most. There are many products of the powdered formula. Parents love it because it can work well with their need and more importantly their economic condition.

The Way the Baby Digest the Formula

It is also important for parents to think about the way the baby digest the formula. Once again, the baby usually has a very digestive system. It can be troubled easily when the baby takes the wrong choice of formula. There are some indications which make parents should consider about changing the formula. They have to see the sign whether there is excess gassiness as well as fussiness experienced by the baby for three days. They should not think twice to change the formula when this happens.

Trial and Error

There are many parents who share the same experience about giving the formula as the breastfeeding supplement. Because there are so many formula products offered, it does not mean that the process for finding the best one will be a painful process. Nevertheless, they have to be ready to take the trial and error during the process because they also have to see the reaction of the baby to the formula. It might also be necessary for talking to the pediatrician about finding the right formula choice for the baby.