Best Health Insurance in Texas

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Best Health Insurance in Texas

Best health insurance in Texas has been gathered through research, comparison, and also evaluation. Blue Cross Blue Shield is the best pick from out team in overall point. BCBS provides excellent customer service, interesting plan with low monthly premium.

Subsidized options for individual and family with low income

The subsidized option allows the people to get cheap health insurance Texas. Since ACA will cover your health needs, you now have other options rather than risking yourself by not being insured. BCBS offers insurance plan that is affordable and gives the benefits to customers. The options offered to you will show up according to your primary income level. So, anything you decide could be afforded.

Low income options

If your income is between USD 11,490 and USD 45,960 for one person then you may be eligible to apply for subsidized health care. It is not a free plan but you just have to pay lesser. Bronze-level from health insurance may fit with your income, which costs about USD 2,570 per year. Meanwhile, people with extremely low income and elderly could be qualified for Medicare. Medicare could be the best option for individual with low income. Fine exemption or state exchange could be another consideration too.

Middle income options

So, if your income is more than USD 45,960 then the subsidized program will not be on your option list. You can still do window shopping through the exchange but the subsidized types would not be yours. Other than BCBS, there are Kaiser Permanente and Humana that could be your options.

Individual insurance premium costs between USD 300 and USD 600 per month. High-deductible health plan could be another consideration or if you do not know where you will be fit then you can use the exchange calculator to see the result. Best options include individual health insurance or health plans with high-deductible price.

High income options

Most people with high income are commonly not buying health insurance before the ACA came. They will pay the health expense as what is needed. In nowadays, paying two percent more expensive for the penalty could result a bigger amount of money.

So, if you are currently in the best condition of your health, you could choose the plan in lowest price as long as you are qualified. But if you have ongoing health problem then you should purchase something more expensive in order to lowering the out-of-pocket cost later. For high-income community, a plan with lowest price option will be the good consideration. But if you are currently on certain health condition then you should purchase a plan with more comprehensive coverage and rate.

In average, bronze-level plan for health insurance costs around USD 2,570 per year. But it is only designed for an individual. Other payment with shared responsibility will cost USD 325 for adult and child will be charged USD 162.5 or 2% of the income in your household, as long as it is the greater one. So, this is the end of best health insurance in Texas.