Best Supplements for Female Muscle Building

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Best Supplements for Female Muscle Building

Not only men who want to build and maintain their muscle. Women also need to do it. It is good for them so they will have good body posture.

Best Supplements for Female Muscle Building

There are several best supplements for female muscle building is offered. We can choose the most effective for our body. We can consult to the doctor to choose the best and the most suitable for our body. The supplements are protein, brain chained amino acid, creatine, zinc magnesium aspartate, and arginin.


It is the most popular supplement. It is proven to reduce the fat but it can keep the muscle strong. It will build and maintain the muscle. So, the muscle will not flabby.

To make it more effective, we do not only use the pure protein. We can combine protein and whey. Many products of this combination are available.

Brain Chained Amino Acid

There are three types of amino acid that are useful for keeping the muscle. They are leucine, valine leucine, and isoleucine. It cannot be produced in our body, so we need to consume it to fulfill our body need. Consuming this brain chained amino acid is good because it can convert into glucose. So, it can spare the muscle glycogen and amino acid. It also can help us to store and give more energy for us when we do some activities.


The main function of creatine is helping our muscle to produce energy when we do an activity or an exercise. By consuming creatine supplement, it will produce more energy. So, we can be strong. Creatine also has been proven can makes our muscles full after workout. We can consume it three times a day to get the best result.

Zinc Magnesium Aspartate

Zinc and magnesium from our vitamin is not enough for our body. We still need to consume this supplement. It can boost our muscles hormone like testosterone and insulin. When it is synthesis with protein, it can help the muscle grow well. We can consume it regularly for about three months to see the result.


The main function of arginin is dilating the blood vessels and makes the blood vessels wider. So, it can support the blood circulation and absorb more nutrients and supplements. It can make our muscles strong. 2 until 3 grams of arginin are enough for our body.