DHA Supplement for Babies

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It is often said that the baby needs DHA very much. This can be the reason why there are many products for the baby which is added with DHA. Parents must make sure that they can provide the needs of the baby properly for supporting its growth. They might consider giving the DHA supplement for the baby but it is better to know more about the DHA and its supplement before making a further attempt for buying one.

Importance of DHA

First, parents should know about the DHA. It is a type of omega-3 fatty acid. It can be found in several parts of the body. It is the primary structural component for the skin, testicles, retinas, and brain. One thing for sure, the DHA is very important for the early development of the nervous system, brain, and eyes. That is why it is important to ensure the DHS intake for the baby. This might be the reason why parents try to give the supplement to the baby. Some DHA is produced naturally in the body. However, it is important to supplement this process with the DHA comes from the foods or maybe from the supplements.

DHA for Supplement

Before people buy any products of DHA supplement, they need to know about the way the DHA procured for the supplements or the foods fortification. The DHA can be added from the extracted oil taken from the fatty fish living in the cold water. The fish oil usually comes with important fatty acids such as DHA and EPA. The DHA can also be extracted from the algae or seaweed. This is the type of DHA form which can be perfect for vegetarian although they cannot find EPA from this source.

Things to Consider about DHA Supplement

There are some concerns which people should not forget about the DHA supplemental source. They have to know about the DHA source purity. It is possible that the fish oil which contains DHA and EPA is extracted from the fish which comes with high mercury level. It means that the mercury can also be found in the oil. There might be other things besides DHA which are added to many supplement products. It can affect the quality of the supplement after all. Some experts do not recommend giving the DHA supplement which also contains EPA for the babies and small children because it can ruin the balance of DHA and EPA during the early growth of the child.

How to Use

It is important that parents know the way to use the DHA supplement properly and safely. It should be added to the diet of the baby if they are not breastfeeding the baby. In fact, breast milk contains the DHA needed by the baby. The supplement should also be added if the formula for the baby does not come with DHA fortification. It is better to breastfeed the baby if possible because it is the best natural source of DHA for the babies. The baby foods should also be chosen with DHA fortification if it is possible.