FDA Approved Weight Loss Drugs

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Weight loss drug is one of solutions to support diet program. There are hundreds of weight loss drugs and not all of them approved by FDA. It is very important to consume weight loss drugs approved by FDA for safety and maximal result. The list of FDA approved weight loss drugs below helps to choose the best and safe product to consume.


Orlistat is one of recommended weight loss drugs for those who want to get ideal weight. The drug was approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration or FDA in 1999. The main function is to manage obesity problem. There are two types of Orlistat available in the market, Alli and XeFDA approved weight loss drugsnical, The different is on its dosage in which Alli is a 60 gram Orlistat and Xenical is a 120 gram Orlistat. By consuming this weight loss drug, you are able to reduce fat and calories up to 30%. In some cases, Orlistat can causes diarrhea when you are eating fatty foods. FDA revised the approval in 2010 due to the health safety. There is a fact that people who consume Orlistat for some period of times were suffered from liver failure. Now, people can buy Orlistat with new safety information on the label. It is better to contact your personal doctor and pharmacy whether you are allowed to consume the drug or not. Just make sure that you are only consumed the drug by doctor prescription to prevent serious side effects.


FDA approved weight loss drugsSome people are also consuming Qsymia to control their weight. The product is the combination of two different medications, phentermine and topiramate. Phentermine is useful to control weight in short term treatment whereas topiramate is useful to control appetite. People love to use this weight loss drug due to the effectiveness. In fact, overweight people are successfully reduced their weight significantly after consuming Qsymia regularly. What you need to know that the product is not allowed for people who are suffered from glaucoma, hyperthyroidism, heart attack, and stroke. Pregnant mothers are also not allowed to consume this weight loss drug. Even, people with normal health condition who want to consume this drug need to be monitored by the doctor because in some period of time, Qsymia increases heart rate. Just go to the doctor and consult or prescribe the drug so you can consume it safely and get your ideal weight.


FDA approved weight loss drugsOne more FDA approved weight loss drug is Belviq. The weight loss drug has been approved by FDA in 2002. The main function is to control appetite and metabolism especially for adults who have a body mass index more than 30, BMI more than 27, high blood pressure, diabetes type 2, and high cholesterol. The compounds included on the drug triggers people to feel fuller although they are eating in small portion. FDA approved Belviq due to the positive impacts of the patients who consume it along with less negative side effects. The possible side effects are including cough, back pain, headache, and many more.

The point is that you have to go to the doctor and pharmacy to get clear information about which one of FDA approved weight loss drugs you can consume. As the result, you can get your ideal weight and stay healthy.