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It is commonly known that fiber has very important benefits for people’s health. There is no doubt that they need to find the fiber from their daily food intake. Nevertheless, there are some people who are looking for the fiber supplement. They have their own reasons of course but they usually will look for the supplement from the trusted source such as CVS. There are various fiber supplement products which can be found from this place after all. Before people can go further to get the supplement for supporting their fiber need, it is better to know more about it.

Food or Supplement

It seems like people should know about the difference of fiber which is taken from the food and from the supplement. People should consider the benefits that they want from the fiber. When they want to take advantage of protecting the heart, it is important for people to get the fiber from the foods. It is not difficult at all find the food sources which are rich in fiber such as vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, and also whole grains. Some people think that they can add the fiber supplement to their daily intake because they think that they have poor eating habits. There is no way they can change it into a healthy diet just by adding a supplement to the unhealthy diet. Because there is no clear information whether the fiber supplement can provide the same benefits for health as the natural fiber, many people use the supplement with the goal for constipation prevention instead of cholesterol lowering.


When people decide to take the fiber supplement, it is better for them to talk with the doctor. It is important because they need to know about the type of fiber supplement which can be the best choice for them. In fact, the supplements are offered in various forms. They can find the capsule, powder, and also chewable tablet. Those products usually contain the functional fiber which can be extracted from the natural source but it can also be made in the lab. They need to know about the type of fiber supplement which is extracted from the natural sources. They are including lignin, pectin, gum, and psyllium. There are also some manufactured fibers which are pretty common in the supplement products such as polyols, polydextrose, and maltodextrins.

Safety Use

Once people find the best fiber supplement which can be suitable for them, they still have to keep in mind that they have to use it safely. When people are taking the fiber supplement, it is important to go slow. It is not good to add a lot of fiber supplement right away because there are some side effects which can be uncomfortable such as gas, cramping, and also bloating. Increasing the amount of fiber gradually is recommended. The supplement should also be consumed with plenty of water. It is also necessary to stay hydrated all the time. It is better not to take too much fiber supplement because it can affect the way the body absorbs the nutrients.