Natural Supplements for Anxiety and Depression

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Natural Supplements for Anxiety and Depression

Natural supplements for anxiety and depression should be taken for the side medicine besides the prescribed drugs from doctor and also the treatment or therapy. We should acknowledge that anxiety and depression are the type of complicated disorder. It can only be treated by the combination of NLP and CBT method.

Regular exercise and healthy diet plan should also be on the list so the chemical substance in your brain could be thrown out of your body. Here we have several names of natural supplements and vitamins to treat anxiety and depression. You may consult to your doctor before taking the supplement after all.

Bio Strath

This is a supplement that could optimize your health condition in overall. Reviews came from many users that they were satisfied with the result of this supplement. It has no synthetic coloring or artificial sweetener or even other preservative you may find in some products out there. So, you do not need to worry about the side effect because there is no side effect presence according to evidences.

Bio Strath is natural supplements for depression and anxiety that contain vitamin B complex and magnesium. Those things are good in treating anxiety and depression. You just need to take 2 tablespoon of Bio Strath 3 times a day before eat. The result can be seen after a month.

Chamomile tea

According to clinical research, chamomile tea has been proven to decrease the anxiety in significant level. Drinking chamomile tea before bed will calm your mind and let you sleep more soundly. You can take it as long as you need it. Evidence shows that you need to increase the dosage for over 8 weeks to give significant result.


In fact deficiency of magnesium could lead to anxiety and depression. So, if you feel blue then you must be lacked of magnesium. When the magnesium is on its below-lowest tolerable point, your body releases the cortisol hormone that is in charge of making you become stressed out. So, if your magnesium and cortisol hormones are imbalance then the possibility of you developing anxiety and depression becomes greater too.

So, it is very thoughtful if you would look for magnesium supplement to overcome this problem. Magnesium deficiency could also lead to various inconveniences in your body. It is important to keep it balanced.


Ashwaghanda is touted as one of the most effective herbs found to overcome anxiety and depression. The main function is to ease the task of adrenal when adjusting and balancing the stress level in our daily live. This herb will produce stress hormone when you need it and beat the excessive hormone when you do not need it. Ashwaghanda also helps your immune system to better and makes your sleep even better.

It gives calming effect and improves your mood in overall. 500 mg per day of this herb will allow you to get the calm booster without have to risk your health condition. And this is the end of natural supplements for anxiety and depression.