Quit Smoking Help Free Products

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Quit Smoking Help Free Products

If you are a nicotine addict but you want to stop, you might as well get familiar with quit smoking help free products. It cannot be denied that quitting is not easy, especially when you have been a heavy smoker. Some might develop both mental and psychic difficulties, such as body malfunction and mood swings because your body is used to having tobacco in it on a regular basis. However, by having quit smoking free products from your state or your chosen health care, it will help you to go through the mental breakdown as well as the cravings! Here are a few of freebies that you might want to get accustomed to.

1. Nicotine Patches

Nicotine patches are available in many areas, even at your local drugstores. Each patch has a lower dose, so it can help you to reduce the nicotine intake and suppress the cravings. It is very simple to use this product, where you can place the patch on your skin. Later on, the patch gradually releases that small dose into your bloodstream through the skin. You can reduce the dose day by day, until your body is detoxified from nicotine. Patches are seen as quite effective because it works as a long-lasting craving relief. However, you might need around eight to twelve weeks before all tobacco is weaned off. You might get free earlier if you are strict to yourself though.

2. Nicotine Gum

Another factor that makes it difficult to quit is the oral habit. You are used to inhaling the nicotine from your mouth; this activity is as addictive as nicotine itself. Nicotine gum will provide you a healthier thing to do with your mouth. All you need to do is chewing on the gum, as it delivers the small amount of nicotine. What makes gum more beneficial than the patch is because you can control the dose by yourself.

3. Lozenges

Quite similar with the nicotine gum, a lozenge works as a nicotine hard candy. You can place it on your tongue and suck to wear off the cravings. Slowly, your saliva will help the lozenges to dissolve in your mouth for the nicotine replacement. However, different to nicotine patches, it only lasts for a short of time, whereas you might take 10 up to 20 lozenges to reduce cravings.

4. Combine the Nicotine Replacement Therapy Method

During the first trial, those help free products will tend to the nicotine cravings for quite a while, but the need to smoke will not just stop that easily. Combining those products might be the best idea, especially after you map out what kind of activities you do each day. What time are you the busiest? During this time, when you can be occupied with other activities, you can take the short-lasting products like gums and lozenges, or vice versa. However, you need to consult to your doctor regarding to the doses, so those quit smoking help free products can work as effectively as expected.