Supplements for Burning Fat and Building Muscle

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There are a lot of options of supplements which are sold out there. Each supplement has its own benefit and result giving. But for you who want to burn fat and build muscle mass at the same time, here are the best fat burning muscle building supplements you can consume.


Human’s body creates its own creatine in muscle cells. 95% of creatine are able to be found in skeletal muscle tissues, and the rest is saved in all parts of the body. Creatine supplement is able to increase energy, increase the volume of muscle cells, speed up muscle recovery, and produce dry muscles which are fat free.



Whey Protein

Best Supplements for Weight Loss and Muscle GainWhey protein is the main fuel in building muscles. The higher intensity of your work out, the higher needs of protein you must fulfill. Whey protein supplement also contains calcium, mineral, and magnesium, which are easily absorbed by body. Whey protein is a supplement to form dry muscles. Generally, people with fat body need high intake of protein so that they are able to get maximum result from their work out.


Fat Burner

Fat burner supplement is a type of supplement which is really beneficial to help body burning fat. The intake of this supplement is not only good for burning fat, but also for increasing metabolism in the body. So that for those who want to build muscle mass and lose some body weights, fat burner supplement is suitable to be consumed.



Fat Blocker

fat burning muscle building supplementsFat blocker supplement is functioned to bind fat which is contained in foods. So that if you consume foods that contain fat, you do not have to be worried of getting fat. It is because the fat contained in the foods you eat will not be saved inside your body, and will be wasted through the process of excretion. That is why this kind of supplement is included in one of the best fat burning muscle building supplements.


Branch Chain Amino Acid

Branch Chain Amino Acid or BCAA is used to heal muscles. By consuming Branch Chain Amino Acid supplement, it will allow your body to speed up the recovery of your muscles, reduce pain and fatigue on muscles during working out, and prevent muscle shrinking.


Best Supplements for Weight Loss and Muscle GainGlutamine supplement is able to slow down muscle tissue damage during intensive work out. This type of supplement is also able to increase immune system. Moreover, glutamine supplement is also able to increase the level of growth hormones in the body and functioned as supplier of nitrogen for muscle tissues.




fat burning muscle building supplementsCarnitine supplement is consumed to burn fat and transfer it to mitochondria fat burner. So that the fat burned is able to be used to produce energy. But naturally, human’s body can produce carnitine.

Besides using those fat burning muscle building supplements, it has to be supported with regular work out, dietary habit with lots of protein, fibers, and low fat, and also enough sleep. With this combination, you surely will be able to achieve your dream body.