Supplements to Increase Dopamine

Supplements to Increase Dopamine

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Since dopamine is an essential neurotransmitter in our brain, you might need to take the supplements to increase dopamine. Dopamine, in fact, helps your body to control movement, alertness, and also energy. Later, this could also contribute to the tendencies of weight gain and depression if you have not enough amount of dopamine in your brain.

Certain meals could help to increase the level of this substance like potatoes, fish, and turkeys. Other than that, there are several kinds of supplements you can try if you want to boost the dopamine level in your brain. Still, you need to speak to your doctor in the first place if you intend to take one of them.


The first supplement that could help to boost the amount of dopamine in our brain is L-theanine. It contains a high level of amino acids which could help to increase the substance level. The substance has the ability to cross the barrier in the brain and then give direct impacts to the dopamine. According to experts, L-theanine is one of contents found in green tea.

However, it needs to be supplemented so the L-theanine may reach the needed amount. 100 mg – 600 mg for daily doses would be great. But you may need to reduce the amount if you got sleepy.

Fish oil

Another thing you may try to boost your dopamine level is the fish oil. According to experts, the DHA substance in fish oil may make the receptor of dopamine become more sensitive. In the end, it will increase both serotonin and dopamine to bind the receptors.

It also helps to reduce the amount of norepinephrine or the neurotransmitter that could agitate. Because of the effect from mercury found in fish lately, you may try the supplement type especially if you are pregnant. 1,000 mg to 2,000 mg per day would be a great number though.


Experts agreed that tyrosine could give a great impact on the dopamine level. It contains the amino acids that could be converted themselves into the dopamine in human’s body. Your mood gets elevated and your alertness getting higher due to the effect of tyrosine in your body. It is highly recommended to moderate your consumption of tyrosine after all. Too much consumption of this substance might lead to hypertension, increased heartbeats, insomnia, and even anxiety.


This substance is basically a phospholipid that can be found in the membranes of our cells. It could help to increase the dopamine amount in our body. About 70 percent of nerve tissue mass is made up by this substance. Phosphatidylserine will help to stimulate the dopamine released.

Other than that, your body needs something to boost the ability of memory and learning related to this daily life. This substance could help your body with various purposes. Experts recommend you to use as many as 300 mg of phosphatidylserine per day. Since dopamine is one of the most important yet essential substances in our body, you might need to try these supplements to increase dopamine level.