Supplements to Lower Triglycerides

Supplements to Lower Triglycerides

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Cholesterol level is one of many things people put their concern on and the supplements to lower triglycerides might be something they want to know too. Maintaining the healthy level of both cholesterol and triglycerides might not a hard job. However, once you have problems with the level, it will take your time.

Some people will go to the vitamin store to find the one that might be suitable for them. This is why we want to show you several good supplements you may consider to try and avoid when it comes to lower your triglycerides and maintain your heart health. We will divide the supplements into three sections based on the urgency.

The good ones

Fish oil is the first on this list. It could help you to lower the level of triglycerides up to 30 percent due to its omega-3 fatty acids, specifically the DHA and EPA. Consuming 250 mg of fish oil could help you to reduce the risk of sudden cardiac attack as well. If your triglycerides level is high enough, your doctor may prescribe you’re a proper fish oil dosage. Since nowadays the pollutants in the sea are a real thing, you may consider taking the supplement instead of taking the real fish.

Psyllium is the next one on this list. This is a type of fiber that will give a huge benefit to your cholesterol state. If you have type 2 diabetes then psyllium will be another good thing you need to include in your daily diet as well. However, since this is a kind of fiber, it may cause you to go to the bathroom more often or even lead to constipation without a proper water intake.

Soy protein supplement might be good for you as well. Taking protein is highly recommended for any purpose. Other than that, the veggie protein is much better than the animal-based protein.

Mixed popularity

Some people have proven that coenzyme Q10 works really well to lower the triglycerides level. However, it also causes muscle pain as its side effect. So, what do you think about this one?

Other than that, people also consider garlic as another thing that could help to lower the triglycerides level. It might help but it does not give a significant result though. Still, you can try it.

Niacin or vitamin B is touted as the supplement that could boost the good cholesterol and lower the bad ones at the same time. However, you can only consume it if your doctor said so. It has several side effects though. This is why it needs careful supervision from the doctor.

Do not ever take it

Some people also consider policosanol as the substance to lower the triglycerides. However, this substance contains a high amount of beeswax and sugar cane. Those two are the buster for cholesterol. No matter what supplement you will take, it is important to consult your doctor in the first place. And you have reached the end part of the supplements to lower triglycerides.