Take These Best Quit Smoking Aids to Stop Smoking Right Away

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best quit smoking aidSome people have a difficulty to stop smoke even if they have to do it. It seems that smoking becomes their habit and it helps to release their stress tension. For those who have such kind of difficulty and have a strong intention to quit smoking, you can check the list of best quit smoking aid below.

Nicotine Gum

Instead of smoking, you may eat nicotine gum. Just like the name of the product, the gum consists of nicotine in small dosage than on the cigarette. The purpose of chewing the nicotine gum is to stop smoking slowly by reducing the level of nicotine. By chewing the gum, your mouth keeps busy and it is impossible to smoke.


The main difficulty to stop smoking is because you have been addicted to the nicotine. The best way to treat it is by reducing the nicotine slowly by using different products with a small amount of nicotine. Besides nicotine gum, you can also use a product namely Lozenges. The product is known as a nicotine replacement. You still consume a small level of nicotine than smoking. It is considered the best quit smoking aid because you can buy the product without any prescription. In the earlier phase, you might take a lot of Lozenges such as up to 20 Lozenges per day to control your smoking habit. Later, you can reduce the amount of the product and finally you can stop smoking.

Nicotine Patches

If you want to treat your smoking addiction without any prescription, you can also take nicotine patches. This product is easily found in the local drugstores around your living area. The main idea is the same in which the product supports you with a small amount of nicotine than smoking. The treatment might starts with some of the nicotine patches and you have to reduce the patches until your body free from nicotine and stop smoking.


How about if you want to take a prescription medicine to stop smoking? The best option is Chantix in which it is a drug and the compounds help to quit smoking effectively. By the time you take Chantix, the compounds will go to your brain especially on the part which gives respond to nicotine. The product helps your brain to forget nicotine so you don’t need to smoke to fill the need of nicotine.

Prescribed Nicotine Patches

You may take nicotine patches in the local drugstores but there are also specific nicotine patches which have to be prescribed by the doctor. The difference is on its compounds so you can’t use the product as free as the regular nicotine patch. This is also strongly related to the dosage level for effective treatment. Both of them are safe but by taking the prescription nicotine patch, you can also consult your condition and the best treatment you can take to the doctor.

The Quitter’s Circle

One more quit smoking aid is the quitter’s circle. This is an app you can download from Google Play Store. It doesn’t have any direct effect on the program but indirectly you are supported by the tips to become a non smoking person. The app is developed by the American Lung Association and Pfizer. The idea is to help the users to set anything so they can stop smoking right away and in the most comfortable way. Indeed, this is also considered as the best quit smoking aid for modern smokers.