The Best Calcium Supplement Brand

The Best Calcium Supplement Brand

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There are various brands of calcium supplement but only one best calcium supplement brand you want to know. Without calcium, our skeletal could be easily diminished since calcium is needed by our sweat, nail, hair, and skin. On the other hand, our body could not produce calcium on its own and it makes us need to consume calcium from our foods and drinks. To boost the calcium intake, we need the calcium supplement for sure.

Do you know that we need at least 1000 mg of calcium per day? After we reach the age of 50, we need more calcium intake as well.

Solgar Calcium Magnesium with Vitamin D3

This calcium supplement brand becomes the favorite of many people. It contains a combination of several great things such as vitamin D3, magnesium, and calcium. Those three will provide a lot of health benefits. Per serving contains 1000 mg calcium, 400 IU vitamin D3, and 500 mg magnesium. Do not worry because this supplement is gluten-free after all. Besides, the price is pretty affordable.

This supplement is great because the easiness to use it and the additional booster from vitamin and mineral. In the end, it would improve your overall health state. However, some people may prefer to consume the pure calcium supplement instead.

New Chapter Bone Strength

This calcium supplement retrieves its calcium from algae instead of mineral sources for calcium carbonate or calcium citrate. It also contains vitamin K and vitamin D which will give a huge benefit to your heart health and bones at the same time. Most users notice the improvements they got after consuming this supplement.

New Chapter Bone Strength is great because the calcium is retrieved from a plant with its various benefits for your heart and bone health. Other than that, the source is sustainable with no synthetic filler or binder. It comes in slim tablets. However, the price is more expensive than other brands.


This calcium supplement would be a great addition for those who look for a bunch of calcium intake in one release tablet. One tablet Citracal contains 600 mg calcium. Since it applies the slow release formula, your body could absorb more calcium effectively.

This supplement is great because the convenience offered through its slow release formula. Your body is able to absorb more calcium per tablet compared to other brands. It also provides magnesium and vitamin D in one tablet. Besides, the price is only USD 0.20 per serving. However, it contains titanium dioxide.


The calcium in this supplement came from the calcium nitrate. Calcium nitrate, in fact, is very easy to be absorbed by your body. Other than that, it provides additional vitamin D, extract of horsetail, spirulina, and boron. This supplement is great because it fills 80 percent your daily need of calcium. It is also a good source of vitamin D with additional benefits from other supplements. However, you may need to take this twice per day. And this is the end of the best calcium supplement brand.