What is the New Health Care Plan?

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What is the New Health Care PlanWhat is the new health care plan? It seems like something people need to know because after the presidency election, the winner just wants to make a new policy related to health care plan. It also seems like the old term, Obamacare, will be repealed and for the exchange the president will make the cost of prescribed drugs become lower. Affordable Care Act was also supposed to be repealed but until now it is considerably weakened.

Lower drug price

American Patients First Plan was revealed on early May this year. Pharmacy benefits managers will be paid by the rebates of drug companies. Later, the rebate will be the incentive for all PBMs. PBMs will also have the authority to give different charge for insurers and pharmacies. Insurers could be charged higher after all. In the end, everyone should pay different price for drug they buy. Since there is no regulation about that, the arrangement has been evolving.

As the part of “what is the new health care plan”, the president also requires the insurer providers to show the price related to their services. Also, the drug-makers should post the price on each of advertise. This will make people to get the best drug for their money. It is supposed to lower down the price since the competition becomes tighter.

Repeal the ACA mandate

After the Obamacare tax was repealed, healthy people would not get incentive for their insurance. At least there would be 13 million people who would leave the coverage later. On the other hand, the price for health care will increase since there are only a few people pay for premiums. Repeal the ACA mandate also means that preventive and treatment for chronic condition would be fewer as well. It is not impossible if health crisis would happen.

Weaken Obamacare

The new president takes so many steps to weaken the ADA. He also wants to make the short-term policy become longer up to a year. On the other hand, Obamacare only kept it for 90 days. Short-term plan costs much cheaper but the benefits are not many. It could also lead to expensive price for premium you should pay especially for comprehensive plan.

Plan of Alexander-Murray

But this plan was rejected because it involved the reimbursement of copayment and waived deductible for more than 6 million people with low income. This setting made the insurers should increase the premiums at least 20% higher than the initial rate. However, several states like Virginia, Mississippi, and Kentucky should pay higher rate for 25%. Even though ACA could basically cover those increased rate, it would cause deficit to the budget of the state.

Through years, the expansion done by ACA had brought the industry of health care service to the better market with many new customers. This reason make ACA opposes more than one plan from the president. Hospital groups are also on the opposite side of the president, since the policy could make the emergency room becomes more expensive. And these are a few things you need to know when it comes to “what is the new health care plan”.